Classic White Farmhouse

400g Code
Unsliced 0035
10mm 0038
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15mm 0033
800g Code
Unsliced 0030
10mm 0032
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15mm 0031

Small (400g) - £1.28 / Large (800g) - £2.03

Our classic white, made from the highest quality Canadian wheat and produced using a long ferment sponge and dough method, one of the oldest methods of bread making which takes approx. 21 hours from raw ingredients to a baked loaf.

Hand moulded, baked in a tin with an open top and finished with a dusting of flour and a signature cut lengthways across the top to provide extra surface area and therefore extra crust.

An incredible flavour, fantastic texture and a supreme crust.

Malt Crunch Round Top

400g Code
Unsliced 0095
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12.5mm 0094
800g Code
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10mm 0087
12.5mm 0086
15mm 0097

Small (400g) - £1.34 / Large (800g) - £2.14

This is our version of the ubiquitous Granary style bread and, as Granary is our namesake, the quality of this bread is paramount.

Malt Crunch is a blend of malted flours & malted wheat on a strong flour base designed to give a superbly flavoured, nutty-textured brown loaf.

Great toasted with lashings of the good stuff and it pips the white for a great door-stop sandwich.

One of our best sellers alongside the classic white for the last thirty years

Wholemeal Round Top

400g Code
Unsliced 0035
10mm 0033
12.5mm 0034
15mm 0036
800g Code
Unsliced 0130
10mm 0132
12.5mm 0131

Small (400g) - £1.34 / Large (800g) - £2.14

Using the very finest premium flour milled from 100% Canadian Springs wheat. Using the entirety of the whole wheat-meal provides this bread with a wonderful coarse texture, a distinctive flavour, and thin crispy crust.

A unadulterated wholemeal loaf is a bread behind which no baker can hide - its use of the simplest of unprocessed ingredients exposes the true skill of the baker. Needless to say, we win awards for ours !

Organic Wholemeal

400g Code
Unsliced 0156
10mm 0157
12.5mm 0153
800g Code
Unsliced 0155
10mm 0152
12.5mm 0154

Small (400g) - £1.42 / Large (800g) - £2.21

As the name suggests, this loaf uses flour milled from wheat produced using organic methods. It produces a vastly different bread in form from the standard wholemeal flour with a denser texture.

This is the way bread was made years before the use of pesticides and growing aids.

Coming into its own with the stronger flavoured cheeses, cured meats and fish dishes.

Stoneground Wholemeal

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Unsliced 0150
10mm 0151
12.5mm 0149
800g Code
Unsliced 0145
10mm 0149
12.5mm 0146

Small (400g) - £1.34 / Large (800g) - £2.14

Locally sourced, our 100% wholemeal stoneground flour is made in a more traditional way by, as the name suggests, grinding wheat between two huge stones.

High in fibre and providing the health benefits of the entire wheat grain, this loaf takes on an earthier flavour than modern milled wholemeal flour.

Dusted with malted wheat flakes, the stoneground loaf upgrades any sandwich from plate to palette.

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