Pan Au Chocolate


Hand layered 100% french butter croissant pastry filled with a generous helping of hazelnut chocolate and dusted with icing sugar.

All Butter Croissant


Using the finest french croissant butter that is available, these hand layered all-butter croissants are allowed to prove for a little more than an hour to ensure the lightest, flakiest texture to compliment the creamy buttery flavour that holds in the mouth for a while after eating. Simply the best croissants you will find this side of Lille...

Fruit Danish


Our own preference to the Pan Au Raisin. Packed full of the plumpest mixed fruit, drizzled with our own silky icing and topped with a whole glacier cherry. A treat from the first to the last mouthful.

Eccles Cake


I cannot count how many times we have been told by customers that our Eccles cakes are the best they have ever tasted. We know why this is and its simple really. Start with the best raw ingredients and ignore the recipe book - just keep adding the good stuff!

Chelsea Bun


Having made Chelsea cakes to the same luxurious recipe for over 30 years now, we've kind of mastered the art. The trick is to create a texture that is half way between bread and a cake, let the moisture from the fruit permeate through the dough and hit the fine balance of cinnamon to enhance and not over-power.

Belgian Bun


When we tried to buy plastic cases that would allow us sell these in a pack of 4, we failed. Only the one would fit in! Not quite the size of Belgium the country, these moorish, fruit filled beauties have a vanilla custard thrown through the dough prior to baking to add that extra bit of yum!

Apple Danish


Fresh puff pastry pinned out and shaped into a boat to carry a generous portion of the naturally sweet english apple compote. A true classic.

Raspberry Danish


Having read this far, you are I am sure aware that we do not scrimp on ingredients or portions. This summer twist on the classic danish is filled with a sumptuous portion of raspberry coulis.

Blueberry Danish


At over £10 a kilo, blueberries are amongst the most expensive of fruits. This is of no concern to us, what we care about is giving you a taste sensation. Simply delicious.

Apple & Raspberry Danish


Although many fruit combinations work well together, in our opinion, there is none more so than apple and raspberry. A 50/50 blend is housed by our light and flaky danish pastry boat.

Blackberry Danish


How very british! We ensure that a good amount of blackberries stay whole when making these divine beauties. Slightly sharper than our other flavours, the Blackberry Danish is perfect as a dessert.

Almond Croissant


Now I'm not really an almond fan but boy are these croissants amazing! Filled with a sweetened almond paste, topped with toasted nibbed almonds and dusted with icing suger. As big as they are, one is never enough!

Swiss Bun


A light fluffy finger of sweetened moorishness coated with a generous topping of our signature icing. The perfect treat with a cup of hot tea.

Jam Doughnut


Our most revered confectionery. A million miles away from the plastic american style baked sugar coated bread cakes that purport to be a donut. You wont find these in a supermarket? Fried as they should be, packed full of seeded raspberry jam as they should be, coated with granulated sugar as they should be, and made fresh every morning - just as they should be.

Bath Bun


In the 18th century, the original Bath buns were made from a rich, brioche-like dough, strewn with caraway comfits. Good for them. Our bath buns are still rich yet they remain light and fluffy. The caraway made way for plump sultanas and we cover the majestical result with nibbed suger for that little burst of sweetness with every bite.

Oat & Raisin Cookie


When you mix near equal quantities of creamy butter with sugar and fine flour how can you go wrong? You can't. Then throw through some sweetened oats and a handfull of raisins. Then add some more!

Double Chocolate Cookie


If single chocolate is not enough, go for double! Powdered chocolate is added to the cookie dough to ensure you get your chocolate kick and then chunks of the finest Callbaut Belgian chocolate are generously mixed through to finish you off!

White Chocolate Cookie


If you like the creamy flavour of white chocolate, then look no further. Again using top quality Callbaut Belgian chocolate, these moist & chewy freshly made cookies are out of this world. Get here early and you may find they are still warm

Welsh Cakes


Okay, stop the bus. Put the phone on divert. If I said that somedays we genuinely cannot make enough of these you would think I was bluffing. Our secret recipe for this rare little beauty ensures we always, always sell out.

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