6 Grain Rye

400g Code
Unsliced 0190
10mm 0189
12.5mm 0191
800g Code
Unsliced 0192
10mm 0193
12.5mm 0194

Small (400g) - £2.05 / Large (800g) - £2.73

Favoured by customers with wheat intolerances as it's lighter than most ryes, great for sandwiches and toasting whilst containing very little wheat.

The 6 grains mixed through are malted barley, crushed oats, crushed rye, cracked & rolled wheat flakes, corn grits & millet.

Contains a unique secret blend of 98% rye & 2% wheat flours (shh! don't tell anyone).

Donker Rye

600g Code
Unsliced 0185
12.5mm 0187

600g - £2.73

This glorious bread has quickly become very popular since its introduction in 2012 with its rich colour and deep earthly flavour.

Donker is a Dutch flour which derives its name from the Dutch word for Dark. A majority rye flour mix with a very high bran content.

Topped with a mix of poppy and sesame seeds.

Bavarian Rye

600g Code
Unsliced 0160
10mm 0169
12.5mm 0161

600g - £2.47

Dark rye grain flour is blended with wholemeal on a 50/50 basis to make the generously flour topped Bavarian Rye bread.

Great on its own or sliced thinly for a decadent open sandwich.

A personal favorite of the bakers!

Caraway Rye

600g Code
Unsliced 0165
12.5mm 0167

600g - £2.73

An amazing loaf which uses the blended Bavarian rye as a base with the addition of a generous portion of caraway seeds.

Caraway has a natural aniseed flavour which, when added to bread and then baked, permeates through the dough to give the whole loaf a subtle background hint of this surprisingly complimentary flavour.

Sunflower Rye

600g Code
Unsliced 0175
12.5mm 0174

600g - £2.47

We have been making the Sunflower Rye for nearly 20 years now and in that time we have changed precisely nothing.

The sunflower seeds that run through the loaf are soft, moist and give a really fresh burst of nutty flavour with every bite. The lucky little seeds that find their way to the crust become a little crunchier and impart a superb toasted nut flavour to the rest of the crust.

Simply delicious.

Fruited, Honey & Sunflower Rye

600g Code
Unsliced 0178
12.5mm 0179

600g - £2.73

Rich dark rye bloomer with added sunflower seeds, honey & soft plump sultanas.

A fantastic breakfast bread that's nothing less than sumptuous when lightly toasted and coated with lashings of butter.

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