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Unsliced 0275

600g - £2.47

A blend of our white, rye and wholemeal flours.

This style (which we have been making for decades) has become quite trendy over the last few years under the chemical filled guise of the 50/50 branded plastic loaves.

Needless to say, we dont add any chemicals to ours !

Sussex Nutty

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12.5mm 0216

Small (600g) - £2.47 / Large (800g) - £2.87

Wheat flour, pin-head oats, oat flakes, toasted kibbled soya, linseeds, sunflower seeds, wheat bran and malted barley.

Despite the name, no nuts! The ingredients combine to give a nutty flavour which is complimented by a topping of toasted sesame seeds

Spelt & Honey

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12.5mm 0264

400g - £2.48

Spelt wheat is an ancient crop which has been growing for over 7000 years.

Its differing properties to modern wheat make it suitable for some sufferers of wheat intolerances.

It has a rustic nutty flavour and the addition of honey compliments this flavour well although the honey is not a distinctive flavour within the bread

Golden Corn

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12.5mm 0283

600g - £2.73

A wonderfully moist loaf with ground maize and sunflower seeds.

The distinctive yellow tint to this bread makes for an attractive bread basket and the flavour is just outstanding. Like many of our breads, this loaf needs nothing added to make it a wonderful pleasure to eat.


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600g - £2.47

Made with a blend of 75% white and 25% wholemeal flour with a mix of millet, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds, rye & toasted oat flakes. This mix runs through the dough and then the hand moulded loaf is rolled in the same decadent mixture prior to baking,

Malted Oat

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Unsliced 0248

600g - £2.47

If you like the earthy flavour of toasted oats then this is the loaf for you.

With a wonderfully malty bread as its base this is a superb breakfast loaf and, believe it or not, makes the best jam sandwich you will have ever eaten.

The addition of flaked oats as a topping adds an amazing texture.

Just perfect with fresh coffee!

Sour Dough

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600g - £2.73

Sour dough breads have become more popular recently as consumers find that the natural rich flavour of this traditional bread sets it far apart from the tasteless breads that they buy wrapped in plastic!

Our sour dough has been maturing for nearly 8 years and its natural fermentation means that no yeast is needed.

Water, flour and salt - not a sausage more!


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800g Code
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Small (400g) - £2.05 / Large (800g) - £3.58

Our unique rustical blend mixed through with a generous helping of black olives and baked in an open top tin.

As you can see, we do not hold back with the olives!

Soda Bread

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150g Code
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600g - £3.47 / 150g (quarter) - £0.90

A dense yeast free bread made to an authentic Irish recipe from the finest wholemeal flour.

Course, earthy and beautiful with any pate or terrine.

Rosemary Bread

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Unsliced 0217

600g - £3.07

Fresh rosemary is added to our rustical blend of white, wholemeal & Bavarian rye to produce this luxurious Italian style bread with an aromatic hint of this classic herb in every bite.

Pesto & Parmesan Bread

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Unsliced 0249

600g - £3.13

A wonderful blend of basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil and black pepper is passed though the dough and the hand moulded loaf is then coated in freshly grated parmesan cheese prior to baking in order that this sensational loaf has the most amazing crust, texture, aroma and flavour.
The nicest dipping bread you'll find this side of Naples.

Tomato, Basil & Garlic

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Unsliced 0223

600g - £3.13

If your looking for a luxurious bread to serve alongside a bowl of amazing pasta, then look no further.
We add sun dried tomato, fresh basil & crushed garlic to this wonderful bread to give it an authentic Italian taste.

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